Distributed architecture and data processing

Big Data Health Assessment

We will perform an assessment of your organization’s current processes and help bridge gaps with distributed technologies (Like Apache Spark, Hadoop and Presto). Power Up!

Tell a better story with data

Data Storytelling

Start with an exploratory data analysis. We dive into your data to reveal stories and insights that lead to successful business decisions.

Machine learning and advanced analytics

Proof of Production

Predict, segment, and analyze data to explain, forecast, and drive outcomes. We focus on the problem—not the tooling—so you can find new products and revenue through data exploration quickly.

Feature Engineering

More Insights

Utilize your data. We uncover hidden meanings, new variables, and untapped connections at scale. Get more from the same efforts.


Get started today with analytics at your organization.

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LIVE WEBINAR: Join us for an interactive discussion

Discovery Meeting

Each engagement is unique.

We first explore each project through the lens of data, technologies and talent. The goal is to identify and close gaps related to big data.


Feasibility Study

Great ideas broken into great tasks.

Projects are expensive. We don't want you to chase data pipedreams without testing the waters first. A feasibility study provides quick insights to direct larger works efficiently.


Implementation Plans

Custom roadmaps to successful implementation.

Implementation challenges range in source and complexity. Your road map will be unique to your company. Take the value through insights we find and use them in your day to day business.


Ongoing Mentoring

Don't go it alone.

We will continue to engage on the level you need us at your own pace. We arrange corporate training, skills-based curriculum and other services based on need.

Introduce your
business or company

Since our foundation in 2005 our goal has been to use digital technology to create experiences.

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We provide a robust set of serivces and technologies. The ever changing landscape of big data require a trained eye in selecting and implementing these solutions for a given issue. Being involved the level we are allows us to remain nimble and choose the best solution for you.


EMBARK is a subset of techonolgies working in concert to streamline the adoption of our big data technology stack. This group of open sourced libraries mean business and are ready to help you scale.


We help our clients know all the parameters needed before starting large projects. This preliminary engagement step helps guage costs, talent, technology and roadmap of large data projects beforehand to save time and money.


Data mining a new dataset warrants vast amounts of new information. Identify new KPI's and insights to leverage for business purposes no matter the industry.


Super charge your efforts with machine learning and custom algorithms. This will maximize the infromation you get from your analysis.


A specific subset of data science, natural language processing, helps you channel your focus on text and topics found imbedded in unstructured data, like audio recordings or customer tweets.


We offer EMBARK as a cloud-based big data solution. It integrates with any other cloud infrastructure you're using. We can also architecting service that go beyond EMBARK to attain more efficiencies at scale.

1:1 Mentoring

Ok, so your executive board doesn't include a CDSO (Chief Data Science Officer. It's a real thing!). That's ok! We can step in as lead, or senior, data scientists to fill talent gaps and get these areas of your business on track.

We're a nimble team of pragmatic data scientists.
Lean on our expertise to empower your data science efforts.

We’re pragmatic and results-driven.

Front analytics is successful when we derive ground-breaking insights that drive change and growth for our clients. This is our goal—we get big data—we navigate the big data stack like Magellan through the pacific (well the parts he saw).

We are self-aware. Data science without domain expertise is of little value, but if you partner the two together projects get new life and are driven with a clear vision of how data can affect business decisions.


The old model is broken.

The days are gone when white label services can come into your business, take your data, work in a silo and come back with any results of value. Our business model is based on collaborative exploration, mentoring and enabling our clients to harness the power of big data analytics one their own.

EMBARK is the merger of a turn-key technology with integrated services and empowers you to succeed against big data challenges. We've challenged the service experience we provide to our clients to be better; EMBARK is only the first step to accomplishing this.

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Our team of data scientists and business analysts work with you to deliver business insights and action. We have a proven process to shorten the time to insights.
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