About Front Analytics Inc

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Front Analytics Inc is a consulting firm that operates based on the core principles of intellectual curiosity and pragmatic data science.

Since 2016, our three part process has helped dozens of organizations accelerate data strategy and shortened time to insight.

Our Motivation

We are inspired by the speed that new technology can transform an organization. We are motivated by the challenges found in questions like "is it possible?" and "what if?"

We believe that today's toughest problems need to be identified and prioritized as fast as possible based on their likelihood of success. This means that the solution must be cost effective, sustainable, efficient, consistent, and unbiased. Therefore, our best work is done by empowering people to leverage technology that solves real business problems as a result of learning and applying it in innovative ways.

How We Work

As a pragmatic consulting firm, we work with a limited number of executives on their highest priority projects. We help to seize new opportunities by applying innovative solutions. Our results manifest in many ways:

  • Defining true measures of success
  • Incubating data products
  • Uncovering new insights
  • Accelerating growth

Members of our team of data scientists and business analysts work closely with members of your organization to deliver business insights and achieve measurable action.